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Year of composition
Link to audio
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Joyce, BrookeWondrous Love8:00Chamber: mixed2002audioscore
Joyce, BrookeFlash!8:00Chamber: mixed2011audioscore
Joyce, BrookeThe Path8:00Chamber: mixed2004audioscore
Joyce, BrookeThree Iowa Ballads8:00Chamber: mixed2008audioscore
Joyce, BrookeDark Waters8:00Chamber: mixed2007audioscore
Joyce, BrookeThe Revelation of St. Julian8:00Chamber: mixed2006audioscore
Joyce, BrookeAmong the Angels8:00Chamber: mixed2013audioscore
Joyce, BrookeFreedom's Land8:00Chamber: mixed2004audioscore
Joyce, BrookeRocks, Rivers, Earth and Sky8:00Chamber: mixed2006audioscore
Joyce, BrookeSix Degrees of Separation8:00Chamber: mixed2000audioscore
Pan, XingziminDéjà Vu4:30Solo: violin2013audioscore
Pan, XingziminKaidan9:20Chamber: flute, piano2013audioscore
Pan, XingziminRequiem Brevis4:00Choral: SATB with one percussionist2012score
Pan, XingziminUnexpected Dream6:40Large Ensemble: string orchestra2012audioscore
Pan, XingziminTrio6:30Chamber: flute, also sax, piano2012audioscore
Pan, XingziminPoem I3:45Choral: SATB A cappella2012audioscore
Pan, XingziminThree Sarcastic Songs5:25Chamber: mixed2011audioscore
Pan, XingziminMemory Trilogy10:00Solo: piano2008-09audio
Pan, XingziminCross Matrix6:00Solo: piano (1st mvt.), flute (2nd mvt.)2007-08audio
Beck, JeremyIn Flight Until Mysterious Night10:00Chamber: mixed2009audio
Beck, JeremyString Quartet No. 514:00Chamber: string quartet2006audio
Beck, JeremySongs of Love & Remembrance11:00Vocal2011audio
Beck, JeremyReview15:00Theater: chamber opera2009video
Beck, JeremyMajestic River8:00Large Ensemble: orchestra2008audio
Beck, JeremySeptember Music16:00Chamber: mixed2002audio
Beck, JeremySinfonietta17:00Large Ensemble: string orchestra2000audio
Beck, JeremyPrelude and Toccata8:00Solo: cello2011audioscore
Beck, JeremyFour Piano Pieces8:00Solo: piano1995audio
Beck, JeremyDream and Echoes6:00Choral: SATB1998audio
Gooch, WarrenNocturne in 4-39:00Chamber: Cello, piano2012
Gooch, WarrenThe Harvest Moon5:00Choral: SATB1984
Gooch, WarrenTe Deum9:00Large Ensemble: choir, orchestra1989
Gooch, WarrenClockwork6:00Large Ensemble: orchestra1989
Gooch, WarrenCellgames 2.08:00Large Ensemble: wind ensemble2007
Gooch, WarrenSonata for Clarinet and Piano 12:0012:00Chamber1990
Gooch, WarrenRhapsody12:00Chamber: alto sax, piano2003
Gooch, WarrenStalking the Wild Metaphor14:00Solo: piano1984
Gooch, WarrenFanfare and Alleluia7:00Chamber: brass choir2002
Gooch, WarrenOut of the Primordial Ocean8:00Chamber: 8 percussionists1992
Luke, Margaret Cornils Harlequin3:00Solo: flute2000
Luke, Margaret Cornils Where Eagles Soar3:00Solo: flute and piano2004
Tanner, JerreBoy with Goldfish65:00Large ensemble: soloists, chorus, orchestra1976audio
Tanner, JerreSymphony No. 1 "Naupaka Floret"42:00Large ensemble: soloists, chorus, orchestra1974audio
Tanner, JerreSymphony No. 2 "Keepers of the Land"32:00Large ensemble: chorus, orchestra2000audio
Tanner, JerreSymphony No. 3 "Aumakua"45:00Large ensemble: chorus, orchestra2001audio
Tanner, JerreThe Lay of God Kane58:00Theatre: opera1975audio
Tanner, JerreThe Kona Coffee Cantata73:00Theatre: opera1985audio
Tanner, JerreSinfonia in F "Aukele, the Swimmer"16:30Large ensemble: orchestra1987audio
Tanner, JerreSuite from "The Singing Snails"23:00Large ensemble: orchestra1985audio
Tanner, JerreThe Kona Song Book17:30Vocal: voice, piano1975audio
Tanner, JerreThe Hawaiian Song Book19:00Vocal: voice, piano1991audio
Moore, Tedeclipse20:00Electro-Acoustic: improvisation/video2014video
Moore, TedGilgamesh & Enkidu60:00Electro-Acoustic: string quartet2012audio
Moore, Teddeepities8:00Chamber: mixed2013audio
Moore, Tedeyes may be impaired8:30Chamber: mixed2012audio
Moore, Tedis himself no more8:00Electro-acoustic: tenor saxophone2013audio
Moore, Tedfiery walls6:30Electro-Acoustic: trumpet2012audio
Moore, TedThe Eye of Horus6:00Solo: cello2011audio
Moore, Teddo you?5:30Solo: percussion2009video
Moore, TedAmygdala6:00Chamber: mixed2009audio
Moore, Tedof circumstance4:30Solo: flute2010audio
Erickson, ElaineThe Power To Forgive50:00Theater: Opera in Two Acts2002
Erickson, ElaineDancer In A Garden10:00Large Ensemble: Mezzo soprano and string orchestra1994
Erickson, ElaineConcerto10:00Large Ensemble: Flute, strings and percussion2006
Erickson, ElaineFantasia8:00Solo: Organ2011
Erickson, ElaineFlight5:00Choral: SSAATTBB and optional piano2006
Erickson, ElaineThe Song of Mary7:00Choral: SSAA and piano2013
Erickson, ElaineConcertino7:00Solo: Piano and tape1995
Erickson, ElaineTsunami7:00Solo: Piano2011
Erickson, ElaineTico and the Golden Wings10:00Educational: narrator, piano and optional percussion2012
Erickson, ElaineThree Portraits7:00Chamber: Soprano and piano2013
Owen, JerryMr. Raggity's Sublime Dance7:00Chamber: cello and piano2012
Owen, JerryGrant Wood Gallery17:00Solo: piano2011
Owen, JerryDance Moments11:30Chamber: violin and piano2004
Owen, JerryCanticle Chorale (3 mvts.)18:00Choral: SATB and ch. orch.2008
Owen, JerrySuite of Colors22:00Chamber: cello and piano1992
Owen, JerrySuite for a Little Angel11:00Chamber: flute and harp2007
Owen, JerryLicorice Brittle7:00Chamber: clarinet and piano1993
Owen, JerryConcerto for Piano and Orchestra27:00Large Ensemble: piano and orch.1990
Owen, JerryFive Songs on Poems of Ann Struthers18:00Vocal: mezzo sop. and piano2007
Owen, JerryTrio Concertant over Czech Folk Songs12:00Chamber: flute/viola/guitar2003
Chenette, JonathanFantasy and Fugue on BACH12:00Chamber: piano trio1985audio
Chenette, JonathanOh Millersville!35:00Vocal: soprano and piano1990audio
Chenette, JonathanEric Hermannson's Soul97:00Theater: opera for 5 voices, 13 instruments1993audio
Chenette, JonathanTriple Feature19:00Large Ensemble: chamber orchestra1994audio
Chenette, JonathanBroken Ground37:00Large Ensemble: choir, orchestra1995audio
Chenette, JonathanThe Bright Harmonic String13:00Choral: treble choir, harp1997audio
Chenette, JonathanRural Symphony15:00Large Ensemble: orchestra2000audio
Chenette, JonathanElegy and Affirmation16:00Chamber: cello and piano2002audio
Chenette, JonathanDvorak Variations12:00Chamber: woodwind quintet2004audio
Chenette, JonathanOnomatopoeia30:00Chamber: flute, oboe, clarinet, violin, cello2010audio
Coleman, Linda RobbinsConcertino Mediterraneo12:00Chamber:Fl/Cl/Vln/VC/Pno 1994audio
Coleman, Linda RobbinsIn Good King Charles’s Golden Days7:00Large Ensemble: Orchestra1990audio
Coleman, Linda RobbinsThe Late Night Café (suite)20:00Chamber: Piano Quartet2000audio
Coleman, Linda RobbinsSuite Antique18:00Large Ensemble: String orchestra2013audio
Coleman, Linda RobbinsImages Dangereuses7:00Chamber: Piano Quintet2011audio
Coleman, Linda RobbinsHibernia Suite16:00Chamber: String Quartet & String Orchestra1997audio
Coleman, Linda RobbinsElegy For The Greatest Generation11:00Large Ensemble: Orchestra2009audio
Coleman, Linda RobbinsFor A Beautiful Land12:00Large Ensemble: Orchestra1996audio
Coleman, Linda RobbinsRag-O-Nata (suite)16:00Solo: Piano1998audio
Coleman, Linda RobbinsThe Celebration! (A Symphonic Jubilee)18:00Large Ensemble: Orchestra2000audio
Ovel, ToriIntriguing Whites05:55Trio: Bb Clarinet, Violin, Marimba2014audio
Ovel, ToriEbb and Flow08:40Piano Duel2014audio
Ovel, ToriOnce Upon a Whim02:30Solo: Piano and Poi2014audio
Ovel, ToriWinternoon03:57Chamber: Wind Quintet2014audio
Ovel, ToriPoems 1, 2, 303:45Chamber: Tenor (alto or Euphonium) and Piano2013audio
Ovel, ToriPavane for an Ambiguous Shadow 04:16Chamber: Trio, Bb Clarinet, Viola, Cello2013audio
Ovel, ToriDreamer, Say05:42Vocal Duet: Tenor and Soprano2012audio
Zubow, ZachA Thunderstorm05:30SATB Choir and Piano2013audioscore
Zubow, ZachGenerator10:30Chamber: Pierrot Ensemble plus percussion2013audioscore
Zubow, ZachThe Byrus07:00Electronic: 4 iPhones2013audioscore
Zubow, ZachSongs of Death14:00Chamber: Soprano and Percussion2013audioscore
Zubow, ZachSky Crane12:00Chamber: Percussion Ensemble (6 players)2012audioscore
Zubow, ZachMirage of the Mountains15:00Large Ensemble: Chamber Orchestra2012audioscore
Zubow, ZachCopenhagen Wheel07:00Solo: Percussion with electronics2012audioscore
Zubow, ZachHiking the Cascade Creek Trail05:45Solo: Percussion2011audioscore
Zubow, ZachSundown09:09Chamber: string quartet2010audioscore
Zubow, ZachFugitive Yellow Shirt06:00Solo: Violin and Electronics2010audioscore
Chen, Mian"Knight" String Quartet Mov.107:38Chamber: String Quartet2013
Chen, Mian"Knight" String Quartet Mov.2: Meditation08:20Chamber: String Quartet2014
Chen, Mian"Knight" String Quartet Mov.305:08Chamber: String Quartet2013
Chen, Mian"Knight" String Quartet Mov.4: Debate07:00Chamber: String Quartet2014
Chen, MianChirality - Variational Fantasia for organ11:00Solo: Organ2014audio
Levin, Aaronbent05:30Chamber: piano trio2014audio
Levin, AaronOnce I Saw06:30Chamber: flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano2014audio
Levin, AaronSea Change11:00Chamber: flute, violin, cello, piano2014audio
Levin, AaronStudy for Violin and Tape01:30Solo: violin (w/ electronic accompaniment)2014audio
Levin, AaronOpen/CloseunspecifiedChamber: 2 or more violas, piano2013audio
Levin, AaronReady or Not09:00Chamber: wind quintet2013audio
Levin, AaronWeekend, Weekend06:00Large Ensemble: orchestra2013audio
Levin, AaronCobwens in Motion03:30Chamber: flute quartet2012audio
Levin, AaronProgression02:30Chamber: string quartet2012, rev. 2014audio
Levin, AaronThe Shapes of Spiders and Other Things02:30Chamber: wind quintet2012audio
Wells, RandyThe Triumph of Death14:40Large Ensemble: orchestra2015
Wells, RandyWithin8:40Large Ensemble: strings2015
Wells, RandyPictures From June12:55Chamber: Piano Trio2015
Wells, RandySerenade in D Major7:10Chamber: mixed2015
Wells, RandyRose-Cheek'd Laura3:15Chamber: Art Song2015audio
Wells, RandyEros8:00Chamber: Piano Trio2014audio
Wells, RandyAfter6:50Large Ensemble: strings2014audio
Wells, RandyTime Travel3:40Solo: Piano2014score
Wells, RandyA Book of Diversions6:10Solo: Piano2014audioscore
Wells, RandyConey Island Suite7:10Solo: Piano2013audio
Hultgren, CraigDouble Bow Improvisation7:52Solo: Cello1992video
Sheeler, RyanSunshine Chain4:00Chamber: soprano (or alto) sax and piano2008audioscore
Sheeler, RyanThrough a Window6:00Chamber: flute and piano2005audioscore
Burke, Christinehere12:00Chamber: string quartet2016audioscore
Burke, Christinehalf murmur10:00Large Ensemble: sinfonietta2017audio
Burke, Christinefrom the signal10:00Chamber: mixed2017audioscore
Burke, ChristineFor 5+ Performers8:00Chamber: mixed/open2016audioscore
Burke, Christinego or cross over8:00Chamber: mixed2016audioscore