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2019 MACRO Composition Competition – December 15


The Macro Analysis Creative Research Organization (MACRO)

Announces the 21st Annual


MACRO Composition Competition (for 2019)


PRIZE:  $500



Entry Guidelines and Submission Procedures:


  • Submit one or more original works for CHAMBER ENSEMBLE (3-5 INSTRUMENTS) composed within the past three years. Works must be unpublished and must not have won any award previously.  There are no duration restrictions.  There is no entry fee.


  • Submit your materials electronically to Each entered composition should

be sent separately.  Each entry must include the following:


  • A PDF file of the score, with composer name and other identifying marks removed.
  • An audio file of a performance or MIDI realization of the composition. Only MP3 or WAV files will be accepted, with a maximum size of 15 MB.  Contact the Competition Chair ( if you have questions.


  • A completed entry form, submitted as an e-mail attachment. Only PDF and Word files will be accepted.


  • A biographical sketch, submitted as an e-mail attachment. Only PDF and Word files will be accepted.


  • A statement, indicating how the principles of macro analysis are involved in the entered composition, submitted as an e-mail attachment. Only PDF and Word files will be accepted.  See the ENTRY FORM for further information.


  • Entries with a total attachment size exceeding 15 MB may be sent in more than one e-mail.


  • All materials must be received by DECEMBER 15, 2018. Late and/or incomplete entries will not be accepted.


Responsibilities of Competition Winner:


  • The winner agrees to speak about his/her winning composition at the 2019 MACRO Workshop, to be held in Madison, Wisconsin on June 14-15, 2019. MACRO will reimburse travel expenses, up to a maximum of $500.


  • The winner must be a MACRO member or must join MACRO in order to receive the monetary prize and travel funds. There is no membership fee. A valid U.S. Social Security number is also required.  The winner will be notified by January 15, 2019.



For further information:  contact Dr. Warren Gooch, MACRO Composition Chair, at


To join MACRO:  contact Dr. Jamie Henke, MACRO Chair, at


For further information about MACRO: visit the MACRO website at


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