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ICF 2021 Digital Summer Festival of New Music (April 15, 2021)

The Iowa Composers Forum and its Festival Planning Committee announce the membership call for submissions for the ICF 2021 Digital Summer Festival of New Music which because of the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic will again be a virtual festival solely online. We are looking for video recordings of music compositions by ICF members. Video recordings will be packaged together into playlist-concerts to be released on the ICF YouTube Channel between June 11th and the 20th.

!NEW! We are very excited to have the artists of Heartland Marimba as our featured festival performers for this year’s festival! This is a special opportunity for our membership to have the pitched mallet percussion artists of HM present their compositions. There is a special submission and timeline consideration for composers wishing to submit works for HM to consider for preparation and recording video, which will be detailed in the second part of this announcement.Video submitted to the overall festival may be of performances or with electronics and images. Please submit videos in either .MP4 or .MOV format. If unsure of the format, please submit it anyway, and we will be in contact if any issues are encountered. Submissions can be made using the Google Form at <>. The form will ask for a link to YouTube, Google Drive, Dropbox, or other file sharing service where we can link or download video. We are requesting that members submitting to the festival provide links using YouTube videos of their work if possible, rather than using other file sharing formats because of the ease and time saved working within the same platform for uploading. Members should consider establishing their own personal YouTube account. It is relatively easy to establish and will be worthwhile both personally and for the sake of the festival. We will accept up to two submissions for the entire festival from each composer. There are two sections in the Google Form for submitting to the general festival and a third section for submitting work for HM’s consideration. The deadline for submissions to the general festival is April 15, 2021. In working with the deadline, please be aware that video downloading and especially uploading can take hours during peak internet usage times. If questions or difficulties arise in the submission process, contact ICF Chair Craig Hultgren at <>.

The 2021 featured festival performers are artists of Heartland Marimba whose mission is to support and advance the classical marimba art form, its music, and its composers and performers. HM will select, prepare and record video of works by ICF members for a complete YouTube festival playlist. There is possible further exposure of selected ICF works through HM’s own spring activities and video releases. HM is asking for mostly duo and trio works although, quartets, quintets, and solos will be considered.

  • 2 marimbas – 4.3 octaves (A2-C7)
  • 2 marimbas – 5 octaves (C2-C7)
  • 1 vibraphone – 3.2 octaves (F3-F6)
  • 1 xylophone – 3.5 octaves (written F3-C7 / sounding F4-C8)
  • 1 glockenspiel – 2.5 octaves (written G3-C6 / sounding G5-C8)

HM seeks works that are keyboard centric, but if 1, 2 or 3 other percussion instruments are needed (e.g. cymbals, gong, blocks, drums, etc.), this can be accommodated. Submission information for HM should be directed to the fourth section in the Google Form. There are multiple deadlines for HM:

  • March 25th: completed full score and any individual parts in PDF documents for already completed works OR at least a first-page sample, if not more, of the full score and a paragraph description in a PDF document of proposed piece in progress. This will allow HM to offer feedback in matters of techniques and notation for pieces being newly created for this opportunity.
  • May 15th: completed full score and any individual parts in PDF documents for newly created scores. Submissions will not be accepted on May 15th unless a sample first page and paragraph description have been received on March 25th.

The 2021 Digital Summer Festival of New Music Planning Committee is comprised of ICF members Jonah Elrod, Craig Hultgren, Lisa Neher and Randy Adachi-Wells.

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