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ICF 2020 Digital Summer Festival of New Music

The ICF 2020 Digital Summer Festival of New Music will take place on August 28-30 (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). It will be presented on the ICF YouTube Channel. There will be six playlists (or concerts) on the channel with two being released on each day of the festival. The festival is directed and organized by Jonah Elrod.

Friday, August 28
Concert #1: “Visual inspirations”
The Alchemist, by Jeffrey Hoover
Grant Wood Gallery, by Jerry Owen
Look Within, by Lisa Neher
Lifschey Cards II (Image Music XLI) based on paintings of Marc Lifschey, by Greg A. Steinke

Concert #2: “Improvisations”
Murovisation, by Michael Kimber
Organ Improvisation, by Paul Hertz
Rotations, by Jonathan Wilson

Saturday, August 29
Concert #3: “Electric Dreams”
Wondrous Love, by Brooke Joyce
Doing Not-Doing, by Jonah Elrod
Atlas Appassionata, by Randy Wells
Chimerique, by Jonathan Wilson
Or Be Forever Fallen, by Charles Nichols

Concert #4: “Spaces and Places”
Between the Stars, by Paul Dice
Concerto for Trumpet, by Tray Guess
Star Dance, by Jeremy Beck
Gulls Circling a Bay, by Paul Dice
Review – a satire, an opera, a party, by Jeremy Beck

Sunday, August 30
Concert #5: “Transformations”
The Red Canoe, by Elaine Erickson
Fantasia for Organ, by Paul Hertz
Two Nocturnes Op. 41, by Randy Wells
Psalm 23, by Bonnie Johansen-Werner
Eric Hermannson’s Soul: five scenes, by Jonathan Chenette

Concert #6: “Dedications”
Last Breath, by Tracey R. Rush
Elegy and Affirmation for cello and piano, by Jonathan Chenette
Four Canons, by Michael Kimber
Moments from White Blowing Daffodil Seeds (Image Music X – A), by Greg A. Steinke
In Gratitude: III. Peaceful, Flowing, Reflective, by Charles Nichols
Sonata 4, by Jerry Owen

Post festival Composers Speak Live Zoom Session
Sunday, August 30, 7 P.M. Central Time – festival discussion and “social hour” open to all ICF members. Craig Hultgren will lead the session.

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