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COVID-19 Update: Still promoting new music

Because of COVID-19, Duo-B is cancelling all of their spring ICF concerts including April 19th at Montauk, May 1st at St Ambrose University and May 23rd at Cedar Rock. Philip Borter the cellist is taking […]

Apr, 02

Iowa Composers in Opus

Join us for our upcoming concert to be held in Opus Concert CafĂ© in Cedar Rapids on October 20 at 2:30 pm. The concert will feature works by ICF composers as well as a special […]

Oct, 01

Two New Opportunities

Update: The deadline for the IMTA competition has been moved to November 1. Two new opportunities, co-sponsored by the ICF, have been added to our Opportunities page (available in the menu on the left). The […]

Aug, 31